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We are delighted to stock exquisite lamp bases to go with our range of lampshades. These are not just ordinary lamp bases though. British made complete with the ‘Made in Britain’ accreditation. What also sets these stunning lamp bases apart, is that they are made from recycled glass to the highest quality along with sturdy brass fitments, coloured cotton flex and quality ethnically sourced cork. Additionally, they come in a range of colours, what’s not to like! 

We believe that it is important to marry lamp base and shade resulting in unity and harmony. This is where we can help to create the perfect partnership! There's an art in achieving a great combination so we have put together some stunning ideas that will help you to get your perfectly paired lamp. As well as partnering duplex drum lampshades perfectly with these lamps, we are delighted to introduce a new empire shape which we’ve named ‘Riviere’. A traditional but yet contemporary shape that works seamlessly with these bases.

Firstly choose your lamp base, then be guided by our recommendations on duplex lampshade and shade carrier to achieve the perfect partnership, professionally tailored and exacting for homely lighting and exquisite interior style. 


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