The Fabric Fillies on the Farm

Here's to a blog post, something I have been advised to do more often and should do much more of, to which I will endeavour to write more regularly.  Will try .....

Its just so rewarding hosting Sewing Retreats and Workshops, I love them!  We have just had a fantastic weekend on the farm with a great group of sewing friends called 'The Fabric Fillies', who 'work hard and play hard!' I think this is a great description for these fun loving ladies! Plus I love their way of thinking!

The Fabric Fillies landed on Friday morning, had a cuppa before setting themselves up in the Workroom for their creative mini break.

Here's some photos of their home for the weekend:

The Venue
The Accommodation

Downstairs Bedroom

The Workroom

The Workroom - a hive of Sewing Bees!

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

My husband and I have holiday accommodation on our farm in the far South Western corner of the UK, not too far from the famous landmark, Land's End, in Cornwall. The area is a very popular holiday destination, hence our diversification from farming. We converted redundant stone barns that sadly could not house farm machinery or livestock anymore, due to modern farming methods and needs.  The accommodation is great for Sewing Retreats that we host during the winter months. We are lucky to still live on the farm surrounded by our farmland, which now grows vegetables, corn and daffodils.  Our farm also provides homes for four generations of our family. Henry and I love having all of our family around us and are now proud to be Grandparents to William and Florence. 

 BBQ Night

BBQ Night in The Cornish Piskey Hut

Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen

Lounge for relaxing by the Log Burner

Anyway, I've 'diversified' enough! back to The Fabric Fillies! These ladies are so talented and work well together.  This soon became obvious to me.  Their group has been established for years and all in attendance have been members for a long time, some inaugural or even all inaugural...

Lots of half square triangles from very patient Cecily with sisters Sally and Gerrie on the same job and a great start to some fab quilts!



Back to Work

I had the pleasure of meeting Katrina, Fabric Filly Leader, sisters Sally and Gerrie, Cecily, Alison, Marie, Penny and last but not least Jo. All went straight to work on some fabulous projects to include Jo Colwell's 'Dancing with Daisies' quilt top (Cowslip Workshops in Launceston) and Penny worked on a pattern designed by Katrina, gorgeous.

'Dancing with Daisies' - Fab work Cecily and Gerrie

Coming along great Penny - Design by Katrina

Jo started a brand new quilt that I wish I could remember the name of. Jo is a fast worker and has made a lot of quilts since joining the fillies.  Jo if you read this, would you let us know on blog comments and load some pics if the blog allows you to do this. Alison started a new quilt top in lovely reds to include whites.

Alison also showed me a smashing quilt in Janet Clare fabrics. I just love Janet Clare Designs and have made a quilt top in these fabrics myself, yet to be quilted! You know, usual story, UFO's and all that.


Katrina started a new quilt from scratch, a beautiful set of fabrics, fused with white cotton. I think this really makes the beautiful quilting fabric and design stand out.  Katrina and Sally, like Jo, if you are able to load some pics on blog comments this would be great. I could do with some more photos of your work Fabric Fillies as I did't get pics of everything going on.

Marie loves making bags! and gosh, Marie was in full production, finishing four scrap bags with plastic panel, a very stylish handbag and a summer dress! 

Great Work!

I was very impressed with Sally's fabric boards that she made from scratch, great for putting all of those tiny bits of fabric on for a block. This pattern came from a tutorial by Lori Holt.  Speaking of Lori Holt, I have started to make the sampler quilt from her Farm Girl Vintage 2 book. So far a tractor and an apron made.

Years worth of work here and guessing that by the time I have finished, my Grandchildren will have probably outgrown the idea of a vintage farm quilt. Shame!! This means I might have to keep it!

Think I should mention the social side of the event - we had an amazing evening on Saturday in our bbq Hut, commonly known as The Cornish Piskey Hut.  Our ladies were able to relax with a glass of G & T, Wine etc and enjoy our indoor BBQ.  Lovely and warm around the fire pit with the outside world experiencing Storm Jorge! - Not so nice! Just as well that the 'Fillies' enjoyed the Hot Tub on Friday evening.


This was also a farm family affair with help from Henry my husband to light and cook the BBQ with Emily our daughter assisting.  There was such hilarity in the Hut with Henry outnumbered by an all female party of ladies who sew and quilt who was also letting their hair done and having such a laugh.  Henry was in trouble several times, giving his opinion of a certain orange quilt that I made.  He said he wanted to use it as an oily rag for his vintage lorry........ cheeky!! I had plenty of back up of course, especially from Penny! Thank you for support Penny.

and then it was time for some sleep ....

We was all very sad when 4 pm on Sunday arrived! End of the Fabric Fillies weekend get together.  However, I am delighted to say that the Fillies will return to the farm next year.  I would like to thank them for being such amazing guests!!

In the meantime, I hope that I am able to do more blog posts. I will do my best. 





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  • Lovely blog!
    full of inspiring talented ladies. With the lovely Jane leading the way to teaching us her wealth of knowledge.
    Such a warm welcome with proper Cornish cake and tea and friendly chat around the kitchen table. Heaven ☺️


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