French Connection

Several times a year my husband and I go to Brittany or Normandy for short breaks.  We usually go out of season as at home in the summer, we are busy with our holiday barns.  

We have just got back from Normandy earlier this week where we stayed near the town of Bayeux - famous for 'The Bayeux Tapestry' and the 'D Day Landings'. 

There is lots to see and do there.  With good friends, we had a fabulous few days and was very lucky with the weather, especially as this week 'storm Gareth' has been prevalent.  We managed to get two very smooth crossings in-between the storm and some lovely weather, albeit a little fresh and windy.  Of course we visited the tapestry and the British and American War Cemeteries along with a World War II Museum in Bayeux and the 360 degree domed cinema, sited on the cliff at Arromanches.  The notre-dame Cathedral in Bayeux was an amazing place to visit also.

 We stayed at a Chateaux, located approximately one mile from Bayeux town centre.  The hotel was charming to include a welcoming open fireplace with comfy leather sofas in the lounge.  The decor was typically french with great a la carte dinners in the evenings.  

Every time we go to France, I am always keen to look for fabrics, mainly for lamp shade making.  I choose fabrics that are different and that I haven't come across at home.  Some regular customers love new french designs that are unique, colourful and often retro.  I am currently building up a French Limited Edition on the website. 


I hope you enjoy this blog and some photos that I took on our excursion!

All the best


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